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Sunday, 30 April 2017

#Fashion: Korean Fashion Inspiration ღ

Hello, how are you? I'm here with the first real post after the "break" I made. I want to start talking about fashion, in particular Korean fashion which I'm pretty into it.

Here you will find pictures from 4 shops: chuu, icecream12stylenanda and hotping.

I love Estherloveschuu collection, so pink so cute! The ribbon cap is just lovely, isn't it?
but also some touch of black with pink is a nice combination! - what I'm actually doing with my clothes -


One piece

I like how those brands as loads of skirts and each one has something different from the other.

I tried to put here some of the cutest items but probably I missed something since they have so many lovely clothes. I divided this post in sections so you can focus on the category itself.

Hope you like this post!
Bye bye

Monday, 17 April 2017


Hello cuties, how are you? I've been on hiatus for a while but I really want to come back here and keep writing ;) As you can see from the graphic there are some sections that are still empty but I want to work on them and provide some nicer stuff for you!

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